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OfferingLicensing and Technology Consulting


We license 360° mixing technology and consult to battery manufacturers worldwide.

We invite battery manufacturers worldwide to become a licensing partner using iQ International's 360° mixing technology for a clear competitive advantage in the market. Extend your company's portfolio with new premium products for passenger cars and trucks, for the OEM market as well as the replacement market. Our technology will enable your EFB units to compete with AGM batteries. 

Our experienced engineers will assist your technical team to implement our technology, from validation to optimization and serial production.

Global patent protection safeguards iQ’s technology partners.

iQ International is a pioneer in Anti-Stratification 360° Electrolyte Mixing for automotive and commercial SLI batteries. Our patent protection covers 95% of global battery and auto manufacturing markets, safeguarding our licensees and our technology.

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iQ International Consulting Services - Consulting, Sourcing, and Project Coordination.

iQ International specializes in lead acid batteries for automobile and commercial vehicle applications.
A team of highly experienced industry experts provides coordination and management for turn-key lead acid battery manufacturing facilities at your location. We provide the latest technology, highest quality equipment, and the most advanced processes to optimize your cost competitiveness while meeting the highest environmental standards.

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