Technology – KinetiCharger®

iQ International’s KinetiCharger® is an advanced vehicle anti-idle module that offers a battery-powered hybrid electric HVAC/accessory system. The KinetiCharger® reduces fuel consumption and maintenance costs, while lowering CO2 by turning the engine off when in PARK. The product combines state-of-the-art, environmentally friendly technology with advantageous robust Lithium Iron Phosphate battery chemistry and proprietary controls. This after-market system addresses the significant needs to reduce carbon emissions and lower fuel and maintenance costs that are common within the fleet vehicle marketplace.


The KinetiCharger’s micro-controlled circuitry and energy dense lithium batteries enable a small footprint, while providing high performance, increased safety, reliability, ease of installation and scalability.

The KinetiCharger® system operates a 48-volt A/C or Heater with the engine off for 1 to 3 hours depending on the size of the battery pack. The system also provides 120-volt or 240-volt for a mobile power source.

The system is designed to require minimal driver interaction and is configurable for various vehicle platforms and operating profiles. The system interfaces with the vehicle’s control module, does not impact vehicle OEM warranty and is CARB exempt.

The technology is protected by two issued patents and two pending patents.

KinetiCharger® technology is available for licensing, contact us.