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Kevin T. Loman

Co-Founder, Board Member, and Chief Executive Officer of iQ International AG


Kevin T. Loman is the co-founder and CEO of iQ International AG, which was formed out of the amalgamation between iQ Power Licensing AG and Engenavis, Inc., orchestrated by Kevin during his tenure as interim CEO of Engenavis.

Throughout his career Kevin has been involved with companies focused on lead-acid and various other battery chemistries, clean technology, renewable energy and waste to energy. Kevin has spent more than 15 years integrating technologies into global markets through building manufacturing relationships, setting up distribution channels, and negotiating JV partnerships. Today he is recognized as a global rehabilitator and developer of clean energy technologies, with an aptitude for taking an underperforming technology and turning it into a worldwide endurance product.

Kevin was part of the management team that successfully led the financial restructuring and rehabilitation of the South Korean battery manufacturer iQ Power Asia Inc. The management group led by Kevin negotiated reorganization agreements with the company’s shareholders and creditors, replaced the board, revised the global licensing strategy, and re-started production at its Korean battery factory.  These efforts concluded with a court and creditor accepted rehabilitation plan, and the company’s positive graduation from rehabilitation.  During this period Kevin established contract manufacturing relationships and built the battery distribution network in the ASEAN, MENA, GCC, CIS and SAARC political regions.

Kevin’s passion for the environment and his commitment to its stewardship drives his dedication towards commercializing clean technologies.  This passion is further demonstrated by the time he has contributed consulting with companies building plantations in Africa for the production of biodiesel and bio jet-fuel, and his advisory role to organizations such as the Africa Business Portal.  Kevin has served on the board of several clean energy technology and battery manufacturing companies.  Kevin’s fundamental objective is to profitably bring inventive technologies to the global market, having the greatest positive impact on the environment possible.

Kevin holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics