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Senior Management

George Roundy

VP Systems Integration, iQ International AG


George Roundy has a 40-year career that includes being the founder, CEO and other C level roles for multiple successful business ventures. In addition to his management and leadership experience, George has designed and implemented effective large-scale technology systems for government agencies, nonprofits and Fortune 500 corporations.  

In his leadership role at Engenavis and iQ International, George led fundraising efforts, managed many of the aspects of the Engenavis and iQ Power consolidation and the reverse merger into iQ International. Today, one of his primary responsibilities is the up listing of iQ International onto the Frankfurt exchange.

Prior to his work with Engenavis and iQ International, George Roundy was a co-founding partner and the CEO of eCorridor, Inc., a successful Information Technology consulting company located in Phoenix, Arizona. With George’s leadership and advanced systems design skills, he was able to lead his company to significant accomplishments, including creating and implementing a series of advanced integrated systems still in place today within the Arizona law enforcement and criminal justice agencies. This first of its kind, statewide integrated solution ties city, county and state agencies together to streamline the arrest, booking and disposition processes and has saved millions in taxpayer dollars.   

George’s work as a leader in Information Technology has spanned 4 decades which included his work as a senior consultant with Electronic Data Systems (EDS) where he worked with multinational corporations in Europe and the US. In addition to his work with EDS, George built the systems and was part of the management team for The Hunger Project, a global nonprofit organization with the mission to bring about the sustainable end of hunger worldwide. 

George leveraged his leadership skills and knowledge of community related issues as a co-founder of several nonprofit organizations including The Arizona Organizing Project and Phoenix Youth at Risk, which recently celebrated its 25th anniversary. In 2008, George was awarded the Humanitarian of the Year Award by the Arizona Interfaith Movement as a result of his over 30 years of work with the global Hunger Project.

George has a degree in Computer Information Systems through Scottsdale Community College and has completed the advanced curriculum with Landmark Education and Rapport Leadership International.