Investors – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


After the reverse merger in 2018, what are the next steps for the newly founded iQ International?

iQ International‘s immediate strategy is the global expansion of the Company‘s battery sales and the launch of its Advanced Battery Factories (ABF).

The Company is currently taking steps to upgrade its existing battery plant, SIA (S.I.A. Industria Accumulatori S.p.A. , sia-batteries.com) in Bologna, Italy, to an ABF. This expansion will ultimately boost SIA’s capacity of 800,000 batteries to 2.4 million batteries per year.

Expanding our distribution plans for battery sales and the acquisition of additional factories and building new factories are under consideration.

What do the Company’s batteries have to offer?

The Company manufactures and distributes superior lead acid batteries that are meeting ever increasing demands from today’s vehicles.

What is the go-to-market strategy for products from Italy and how long does it take to set up production in a new factory?

iQ International factories sell to wholesalers and distributors for the aftermarket, and the Company is positioning itself to pursue OEM supply opportunities.

Timing varies on making a factory production ready. Acquisition of existing factories shorten this timeframe. Since the factories are already producing batteries, the work is to upgrade them with the latest equipment and processes.  New factories take longer due to government certifications and other regulations that need to be met to establish a new facility.

Where are iQ’s batteries produced today?  What is the plan to expand their production?

In furtherance of our core strategy for the global expansion of iQ’s ABFs, iQ International acquired SIA, as noted above.  SIA’s current annual capacity is 800,000 batteries. The Company is retrofitting the plant, turning SIA into an ABF, which will increase their production  capacity to approximately 2.4 million batteries per year. Preparations have begun to include iQ’s 360º Mixing™ technology into the SIA batteries.

The Company is executing on its business plan to strategically locate multiple ABFs through new builds or acquisition and retrofit which will significantly increase the Company’s annual battery production and distribution capabilities, allowing the company to offer a truly global battery platform to customers.

iQ International presently has licensing partners and contract manufacturers in South Korea, India, Bangladesh and Brazil that are producing batteries with iQ’s 360º Mixing™ technology.

To what extent is it possible to get an overview of the new company?

To provide our shareholders as well as our clients with more information about our company and our offerings, we have recently launched a new website. Please visit iqint.com for an overview.

When will the shares be traded on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange?

iQ International is moving forward on the plans announced in 2018 to aim for an upgraded listing on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (Regulated Market). We are actively working with expert advisors to achieve this target. The exact timing for this uplisting is dependent on a qualified prospectus with BaFin and other regulatory requirements.

What is the current status of the freefloat?

Current estimates for the free float are approximately 47%.

Is iQ International an interesting target for sustainable investors? Will iQ International AG target the capital market for SRI (Socially Responsible Investments)?

We strongly believe that iQ International is a valuable target for socially responsible investors. Lead acid batteries are recognized as the premier example of a closed loop product/circular economy with a 99% recycling rate. iQ International’s superior, longer-lasting batteries and our Advanced Battery Factories, which use 25% less electricity versus conventional factories, is taking the Lead Acid Battery industry to a new level of sustainability. Our proprietary manufacturing technologies reduce production costs by up to 20%, cutting production time by as much as 67%, increasing battery life cycle by 4 to 6 times, while reducing the battery industry’s CO2 footprint.

When is the Annual General Meeting and is it held in German or English? Where can I place an order if I would like to receive this news from iQ International AG?

iQ International plans to hold its Annual General Meeting in late July in Switzerland.  Announcements about the date, time and location will be made in the next few weeks. The meeting will be held in English.

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How does management plan on increasing the business value and consequently increasing the share price?

Management is fully committed to the Company’s business strategy and is systematically implementing it in pursuit of solidifying fundamentals that can build long term equity value for our shareholders.

In 2018 and 2019, iQ International secured $15.5 million in debt financing. What was this loan used for?

The debt financing allowed the Company to acquire a controlling interest in a North Italian battery factory named SIA. The financing supported the beginning of the retrofit process of turning SIA into an Advanced Battery Factory, and the development of new iQ International technology. The financing has also provided working capital.

Bob Sullivan was previously the Chief Executive Officer of iQ Power Licensing AG. What is Bob Sullivan's current role?

Bob is iQ International’s Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and he is responsible for the build out, retrofit and operations of our Advanced Battery Factories.