Engenavis N4 Power “KinetiCharger” anti-idling technology for motor vehicles now available on GSA

The N4 Power "KinetiCharger" anti-idling technology through a partnership with GSA Contractor, FedHarmony is now available on the General Services Administration (GSA) procurement program

Procurement volume of the GSA totals approximately USD 32 billion annually

Zug, Switzerland, 23 October 2018 – iQ Power Licensing AG (ISIN: CH0268536338; WKN/Security Number: A14M1C; Symbol: IQL) a developer and marketer of green technologies for mobile power solutions and licenses in these technologies, announces a product marketing milestone of its US-based amalgamation partner Engenavis Inc., Delaware/USA.

The N4 Power division of Engenavis Inc. through a strategic partnership with FedHarmony, a long-standing GSA Contract Holder, achieved the N4 Power KinetiCharger anti-idling system to be added to the current list of automotive products of the GSA. The Federal Government's General Services Administration (GSA) for the purchase of equipment, materials and services to US municipal and governmental organizations such as the police, fire brigade, ambulances or municipal vehicles, is now offering the KinetiCharger anti-idle technology nationwide through their purchase and procurement program.

With immediate effect, US agencies and municipalities affiliated with GSA can now more easily purchase N4 Power's anti-idle technology enabling them to save fuel and reduce CO2 on their vehicles through this streamlined and convenient government purchasing program. Adding the N4 Power KinetiCharger anti-idling system solution to the GSA purchasing system (which has a very large user base) opens up many additional sales opportunities for Engenavis and N4 Power.

The GSA program enables state authorities and local institutions in the U.S. to purchase their supplies of materials and services of all kinds via a special online portal nationwide. In 2016, the program recorded more than 32 billion USD in procurement purchases.

”N4 Power's patented KinetiCharger anti-idling solution is the most adaptable system on the market nationwide”, says Rudy Garcia, N4 Power's Vice President Sales & Marketing, based in Scottsdale, Arizona. ”It has been designed to be used in a wide range of different types of vehicle from many car manufacturers and can also be installed in different configurations, depending on application. These unique product features have attracted a lot of attention in the market”, says Garcia.

The market potential for vehicle anti-idling technology in the U.S. is large. Municipal fleets alone account for a vehicle stock of around 600’000 units covering a wide range of vehicle types.

The KinetiCharger is a patented retrofit system solution for vehicles that provides onboard stored electrical energy to all vehicle accessories including climate control when the vehicle’s engine is off (anti-idle operation). Beyond the fuel and vehicle maintenance cost savings benefits of this anti-idle system, new U.S. legislation to reduce CO2 emissions is also requiring many fleets to adopt anti-idle technologies.

The system solution can provide a payback period of two years on average when considering payback from fuel savings, reduced engine wear and less frequent service intervals”, Rudy Garcia explains.

Both green-tech technology companies, Swiss iQ Power Licensing AG and the US American Engenavis Inc., are amalgamating according to shareholder resolution of September 28, 2018.

George Roundy