TechnologyHigh-Speed CONCASTplus™


CONCASTplus™ Grid Caster for Positive and Negative Plates. 

Part of our advanced plant designs are first-of-its-kind proprietary high-volume continuous grid casters (CONCASTplus™) for both, Positive and Negative Plates – a major next generation technology achievement.

iQ International's proprietary high speed CONCASTplus™ equipment delivers full frame grids at significantly reduced costs compared to conventional casting machines (15%-35% material savings). The new caster reduces lead scrap and needs less lead to achieve high performance with thinner, stronger and more uniform grids.

Additionally, the new grid caster, along with other proprietary iQ International technology allows the use of pure lead instead of more common lead alloys. This allows iQ International's grids to be nearly 100% corrosion resistant, which extends the battery life.

Continuous grid casting is environmentally friendlier versus competitive technologies which require re-melting of 30% to 70% of lead processed.

Continuous grid casting also reduces the plant's equipment investment and footprint by eliminating the need for space consuming lead strip casters.