iQ International’s superior 360° Electrolyte Mixing batteries are available through our manufacturing, distribution operations, and our licensing partners. 

In our North Italian battery plant, we manufacture high quality batteries which incorporate our innovative 360° Electrolyte Mixing technology. The factory also produces standard SLI batteries. The products are sold to the European retail market as well as to other European first tier battery manufacturers.

The plant is equipped with latest production machinery and automation equipment and is being retrofitted into an iQ Advanced Battery Factory. Production and environmental protection are certified to OHSAS 18001, ISO 9001, and ISO 14001. 

Battery Production iQP_Asia - LicensingPartnerMixtech.jpg

Our commercial partners manufacture and sell batteries with 360° Mixing Technology to international markets. 

iQ International’s commercial partners produce and sell batteries with our 360º Electrolyte Mixing in South Korea (Discover Mixtech Manufacturing), India (Minda Industries Limited), Germany (Mixtech Energy GmbH), and Brazil (Acumuladores Moura). They serve their home and export markets for use in aftermarket and OEM applications.

Commercial partner video