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iQ International AG (iQ) is revolutionizing the Lead Acid Battery industry with technologies that lower battery cost and dramatically increase performance. Lead acid batteries have been a circular product loop for many years. Even with the rapid market growth, approximately 60% of the lead in new batteries comes from recycled batteries.  iQ International is taking this industry to a whole new level of sustainability.

iQ International is on its way to developing the world’s first sustainable off-grid lead acid battery manufacturing process to enable the production of the highest performing, lowest cost, and most eco-friendly lead acid batteries.

The Company is built on its international patent portfolio of 54 patents and 40 pending patents.  iQ leverages its expertise and intellectual property by developing and licensing award-winning clean technology and manufacturing superior lead acid batteries at lower cost. iQ’s products based on our intellectual property are solving many of the most significant issues plaguing battery performance within the automotive sector today, while substantially reducing the industry’s carbon footprint.

iQ International AG is incorporated under the laws of Switzerland with its registered seat in Zug. The Company was founded in 2018 through a reverse merger with iQ Power Licensing AG.  It is headquartered in Zug, Switzerland with operations in Germany, Italy, the UAE and its North American headquarters located in Scottsdale, Arizona, USA. The iQ team is comprised of highly skilled and experienced executives and engineers in the clean energy, battery manufacturing and financing industries.

Every day iQ International is working hard developing and commercializing sustainable cost-effective solutions that revolutionize lead acid battery manufacturing and performance.


Company Fact Sheet

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Market Sizes

$61 Billion

Lead Acid Battery Industry 2018 Annual sales

$21.9 Billion

SLI Lead Acid Battery Segment 2017 Annual sales

465 Million

Number of SLI Batteries sold annually (2017)

$107 Billion

Projected size of the Lead Acid Battery industry by 2026

$36 Billion

Projected size of the SLI Lead Acid Battery Segment Annual sales by 2025

185 Million

Projected batteries required for Start/Stop vehicles by 2025


Annual growth of Lead Acid Battery industry from 2010-2017


Lead Acid Battery Industry projected CAGR through 2026


Percent of Lead Acid batteries recycled


Sources for the above statistics are from, Bloomberg LP,, Wood Mackenzie and Orbis Research.