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Revolutionizing the Lead Acid Battery Industry 


Lead acid batteries are a critical product that power over a billion vehicles around the world, including every full electric vehicle. With 99% product recycling, lead acid batteries are the premier example of a circular product loop. The Lead Acid Battery industry is recognized as the #1 recycling industry in the world. However, the lead acid battery industry and its production processes must be improved significantly to be part of the new age of mobility in the mid-21st century.

iQ International is on a mission to revolutionize the Lead Acid Battery Industry. By integrating innovative proprietary production technologies in combination with iQ’s award-winning 360º Electrolyte Mixing, the battery industry can meet the growing demands for performance, sustainability and environmental responsibility. 

While manufacturing methods in this 100-year old industry have improved over the years, the energy efficiency of the lead acid battery has far greater potential than is being realized.

iQ International’s Advanced Battery Factory takes the industry to a new level of efficiency and environmental responsibility by:

  • Optimizing resource utilization through reduced land, building footprint and working capital required to manufacture superior batteries;

  • Reducing energy, water and lead in the production process; and

  • Producing a higher quality battery with greater reliability, lower cost and greater cycle life.


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iQ International’s Advanced Battery Factory (ABF) layout and technology is the culmination of deep industry knowledge, innovative R&D, manufacturing expertise and proprietary technologies.


iQ’s Advanced Battery Factory integrates the following technologies and production processes.

  • State of the art assembly

  • High speed continuous grid casting for positive and negative plates

  • High speed oxide mixing

  • High speed plate curing

  • High speed formation with no water loss

  • Optional: In-factory lead refining


Assembly with 360° Electrolyte Mixing

iQ International's proprietary 360° Electrolyte Mixing technology is inserted into the battery during the production process. No additional modification to the casing, tooling or assembly line is required. The mixing technology doubles the cycle life of the battery by eliminating acid stratification, the leading cause of battery failure.  Alternatively, the technology can be used to reduce the manufacturing cost of the battery while maintaining superior performance.

High-Speed Continuous Grid Casting (CONCASTplus™) 


An integral aspect of our factory design is iQ’s first-of-its-kind proprietary high-volume continuous grid casters (CONCASTplus™) for both, Positive and Negative Plates, a major next generation technology achievement. 

CONCASTplus™ high-speed system delivers full frame grids at significantly reduced cost (15%-35% material savings) compared to conventional casting machines. The new caster reduces lead scrap and needs less lead to achieve high performance with thinner, stronger and more uniform grids. 

Additionally, the new caster, along with other iQ proprietary technology, enables the use of pure lead instead of more common lead alloys. This allows iQ International's grids to be nearly 100% corrosion resistant, which extends the battery life. 

Continuous grid casting is environmentally friendlier versus competitive technologies, which require re-melting of 30% to 70% of the lead processed. 

Continuous grid casting also reduces the plant's equipment investment and footprint by eliminating the need for space consuming lead strip casters. 

High-Speed Formation

A new low energy and low water consump­tion high speed battery charging and formation system is now available for the first time and adds to the list of next generation techno­logy. High Speed Formation is 4 times faster than conventional water bath systems with an overall process time of only 4 to 6 hours for flooded, gel and AGM battery types. Batteries are formatted in one step completely without the need for complex circulation hoses. The proprietary technology assures for the first time, uniform formatting of each cell of each battery, with no pickling or gassing. One step formation eliminates the need to dump lightweight acid into the wastewater system for treatment.


iQ’s battery charging & formation system requires 40% less energy and 90% less water consumption as compared to the water bath systems. The system keeps the temperature the same level in all cells of all batteries throughout the entire formation process.

The High-Speed Formation process eliminates acid fog by trapping all fumes in the conclave and eliminates the need for ventilation systems while reducing acid vapor emissions to zero.

High-Speed Oxide Mixing & Plate Curing

iQ International's high-speed oxide mixing system produces a consistently higher quality oxide, while reducing mixing time by 50% with zero emissions. 

We also install a patented, third-generation fully automated and low energy plate curing systems that uses 25% less electricity than conventional curing ovens. A patented heat and moisture control allows for plate curing 5 to 7 times faster than conventional curing ovens (4 hours vs 28 hours). The total floor space required is less than 20% of conventional chambers.

The accelerated curing time reduces working capital for this process by 80%. The faster curing also enables processing of multiple plate types within 24-hours. Hi-speed curing creates a more productive active material, thereby providing cost savings of up to 7% per plate. Most importantly, uneven plate curing is eliminated, creating a consistently superior battery with longer cycle life.

Optional: In-Factory Lead Refining

Refining lead at the factory is an alternative to purchasing ingots. This process lowers material costs by about 5% and reduces raw material inventory, which reduces working capital and accelerates the order fulfillment cycle by weeks.

Additionally, in-factory refining enables tailor-made lead for specific batteries while ensuring total quality control. Re-melting and refining scrap lead onsite avoids the inefficiency of selling, transporting and reprocessing.


Partner with iQ International in revolutionizing the lead acid battery industry 

Through partnership, acquisition and new construction, iQ’s goal is to have advanced lead acid batteries manufactured and distributed in every major market worldwide. 

iQ International’s innovative proprietary equipment and advanced processes optimize resource utilization, cost effectiveness and environmental responsibility while creating superior lead acid batteries which meet the increased demands on the battery by today’s vehicles.

If you are interested in producing or marketing superior lead acid batteries, please contact us.

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