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Offerings – Advanced Energy Systems

iQ International has important solutions that provide innovative, clean power for the transportation, telecommunications, utilities and energy markets. These solutions include our portfolio of batteries, the KinetiCharger® anti-idle system for Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) vehicles and the HIVE™, a containerized, rapidly deployable, power management system.


Automotive – Anti Idle Solution – KinetiCharger®

iQ International’s patented KinetiCharger® provides significant benefits to vehicle operators, particularly fleet managers, by:

  • Reducing idling

  • Providing climate control and auxiliary power with the engine off

  • Lowering fuel costs

  • Lowering ongoing maintenance costs

  • Extending the vehicle life

  • Reducing carbon emissions

  • Providing a product payback of 24 to 48 months based on vehicle usage

The KinetiCharger® provides auxiliary electrification for mobile vehicles. The system provides a powerful mobile power source to run electric devices such as lights, cameras, power tools, computers at job-sites, campsites and anywhere electric power is needed.

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The HIVE™ – Reliable Power for Remote Applications

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The demand for clean energy sources today is greater than ever before. The HIVE™ is a “Microgrid-in-a-box”, delivering power from solar, wind and diesel generation. The system is rapidly deployed, scalable and has the intelligence to maximize the production of clean energy sources while minimizing the need for fossil fuel generated power. This system is configurable for residential home usage and commercial applications.
Commercial applications include:

  • Diesel generator abatement

  • Cell tower operations

  • Rapidly deployed short-term power ideal for disaster zones

  • Forward operating bases & other military operations

  • Oil well & mining operations

  • Microgrid for remote villages