iQ International is the technology leader for flooded starter batteries with electrolyte mixing, the only circular 360° Electrolyte Mixing on the market. This award-winning technology is the first significant advancement in flooded starter batteries in decades.


360º Electrolyte Mixing prevents #1 cause of battery failure.
Doubles number of cycles and service life of SLI batteries.

The innovative technology prevents the # 1 cause of battery failure: Acid Stratification. The 360° circular Electrolyte Mixing prevents destructive acid stratification in any flooded starter battery, ensuring a homogeneous electrolyte, which is required for long-lasting battery performance through higher material utilization.


Advantages of the Anti-Stratification 360° Mixing Technology

Double Cycle Life. No capacity (Ah) losses due to harmful acid stratification.
360° mixing eliminates Acid Stratification, while achieving continuous high capacity (Ah) performance, which we refer to as Sustained Capacity™. Complete electrolyte mixing generates better performance in standard flooded batteries and enhanced flooded batteries (EFB) used in Start-Stop driving applications. These batteries meet the growing demands of electric power usage in today’s vehicles.

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360° Mixing achieves: 

High recharge capability; Significantly less sulphation; Significantly less wear. 360° mixing is ideal for batteries used in hot and cold climate zones, for tough taxi and fleet applications and optimal for high cycle life demand on batteries in vehicles with Start-Stop functionality and other micro hybrid technologies.  


The 360° mixing system works on car and truck batteries. The parts fit all conventional and EFB type battery boxes across all industry standards (e.g., DIN, JIS, BCI). Installation is quick and easy and assembly in the production line can be automated or done manually. 


360° mixing is a passive device that functions independent of the battery installation in the vehicle (front / rear) and the direction of installation (longitudinal / transverse). A 30 minute drive is sufficient to completely circulate the volume of the electrolyte. The system even works on lower fluid levels caused by varying water consumption in a battery.

Easily Implemented

Incorporating the 360° mixing technology into any battery manufacturing facility can be accomplished with minor capital investment. Due to its universal design, the 360° mixing components can be included in any flooded battery and installed on the manufacturing facility’s existing assembly line. This enables the flexibility to quickly introduce premium products with double cycle and service life or comparable performance at lower cost. 

Better Material Utilization

360º mixing batteries deliver higher sustained performance and longer life, from the same amount of raw materials and natural resources over conventional or enhanced flooded batteries.

360° Electrolyte Mixing works without moving parts.

The patented anti-stratification technology of iQ International has no moving parts. It uses the forces created from a vehicle’s motion to circulate the electrolyte within the battery. Kinetic energy from accelerating, braking or cornering generates a hydrostatic pressure (a pump) that fully circulates the electrolyte throughout the battery. 

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Demonstration of 360° Electrolyte circulation featuring predecessor mixing system.

The video shows the mixing efficiency while driving of an early stage 360° design (right) compared to the behavior of a conventional battery cell (left).

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360° Electrolyte Mixing
The Award-Winning Innovation

Our 360° Electrolyte Mixing technology is a multiple award-winning innovation. It was awarded First Prize at the Frankfurt Automechanika Innovation Award in 2010 and also became Gold Medal Winner of the GreenTec Awards 2017 in Berlin. GreenTec is Europe’s most prestigious award for environmental innovations.

Acid stratification  –  The # 1 cause of early battery failure.

With the increasing number of electrical consumers in vehicles, a phenomenon came to light, which until recently had received little attention: Acid Stratification. Today acid stratification is the Number One cause of early battery failure.

 A non-stratified, fully charged new battery has an acid density between 1.26 kg/l and 1.28 kg/l, depending on climate and application. On discharging, sulfuric acid is chemically consumed by the lead oxide of the battery plates. The density drops, with the lighter electrolyte moving upwards. During recharging, the process is reversed: Concentrated sulfuric acid of up to 1.80 kg/l is released near the plate surfaces. As this acid density is heavier, it settles to the bottom of the battery, where it forms a vertical density gradient in the electrolyte over time.

 The imbalance of the electrolyte density leads to an early battery capacity loss of up to 40% of its nominal value and hence a drop of battery performance and early battery failure. External temperatures (cold, hot) also influence the chemical process strongly and cause early fatigue.

 iQ International’s patented 360° Electrolyte Mixing technology eliminates these severe disadvantages.  

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